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11th IMO 1969

HUN at IMO 1969 Tibor FialaImre RuzsaGyörgy MichaletzkyLászló CsirmazErvin BajmóczyJános PintzLászló LempertMiklós Soós

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results2853543448302471100.00%G, S, S, S, S, B, B
Tibor Fiala577678401100.00%Gold medal
Imre Ruzsa57737837497.30%Silver medal
György Michaletzky07767835794.59%Silver medal
László Csirmaz577663341091.89%Silver medal
Ervin Bajmóczy576670311587.39%Silver medal
János Pintz577141253470.27%Bronze medal
László Lempert376431244064.86%Bronze medal
Miklós Soós047271215254.05%
Leader: Endre Hódi
Deputy leader: István Reiman

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