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Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast

59th IMO 2018

CIV at IMO 2018 Neba Eddie Ibrahim PolneauCheick Abdoul Karim Nouredine KonéAbonouan Eric Stéphane KoffiAtcho Hemerson Camp-Bellh NogbouKoko Jean Marcel AssoumanKafalo Abdoul Kader Hassane Coulibaly

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results80000081024.72%HM
Neba Eddie Ibrahim Polneau700000743027.66%Honourable mention
Cheick Abdoul Karim Nouredine Koné10000015389.44%
Abonouan Eric Stéphane Koffi00000005654.89%
Atcho Hemerson Camp-Bellh Nogbou00000005654.89%
Koko Jean Marcel Assouman00000005654.89%
Kafalo Abdoul Kader Hassane Coulibaly00000005654.89%
Leader: Adama Coulibaly
Deputy leader: Aboubacar Camara

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