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48th IMO 2007

VNM at IMO 2007 Thanh Đặng NgọcChương Nguyễn XuânSơn Lê NgọcBách Đỗ XuânTùng Phạm DuyThái Phạm Thành

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results41421041340168397.83%G, G, G, S, S, S
Thanh Đặng Ngọc771700229382.27%Silver medal
Chương Nguyễn Xuân772660284092.49%Silver medal
Sơn Lê Ngọc671770284092.49%Silver medal
Bách Đỗ Xuân773770311297.88%Gold medal
Tùng Phạm Duy771770292894.80%Gold medal
Thái Phạm Thành772770301996.53%Gold medal
Leader: Hòa Vũ Đình
Deputy leader: Hoàng Nguyễn Đức

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