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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

61st IMO 2020

SAU at IMO 2020 Marwan AlkhayatMustafa AlelgKhalid Hamad AjranThnaa Khalid AlhydaryHamzah AlshaikhiMohammed Alshehri

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results35682481825944.23%B, B, HM, HM, HM, HM
Marwan Alkhayat0207711726257.56%Bronze medal
Mustafa Alelg7234001627255.93%Bronze medal
Khalid Hamad Ajran7043001431748.62%Honourable mention
Thnaa Khalid Alhydary7015001334544.07%Honourable mention
Hamzah Alshaikhi7005001235841.95%Honourable mention
Mohammed Alshehri7200101038437.72%Honourable mention
Leader: Fawzi Althukair
Deputy leader: Tarek Salama Shehata

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