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62nd IMO 2021

MRT at IMO 2021 Sidi Mohamed Yahya KhattriSaide Bouh Ahmed El-HadjAbdellahi El Moustapha  Aly ThiamYahdhih Ewva  Abdel WedoudMohamed Abderahman Mohamed El Moustapha Abdel GhaderSidina Mohamed Mahmoud Sidi Abdoullah

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results3004007988.49%
Sidi Mohamed Yahya Khattri000000053313.92%
Saide Bouh Ahmed El-Hadj000100149919.42%
Abdellahi El Moustapha Aly Thiam200100345925.89%
Yahdhih Ewva Abdel Wedoud000200247024.11%
Mohamed Abderahman Mohamed El Moustapha Abdel Ghader000000053313.92%
Sidina Mohamed Mahmoud Sidi Abdoullah100000149919.42%
Leader: Horma Hamoud El Moctar Salem
Deputy leader: Mahfoud Mohamed Ammou Ahmed

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