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61st IMO 2020


This is the list of currently registered participants. The final list of participants will be published along with the official results of the IMO.

Sondus Saleh Khamis Al-Mahrouqi
(Contestant 1)

• 17 years old
Rahaf Khamis Mohammed Al-Ruzeiqi
(Contestant 2)

• 16 years old
Alla Hamood Ali Al Sabhi
(Contestant 3)

• 17 years old
Alghaidaa Said Mohammed Al Alawi
(Contestant 4)

• 17 years old
Ghasna Saif Abdullah Al Humaimi
(Contestant 5)

• 17 years old
Al-Khalil Ahmed Khalid Al-Habsi
(Contestant 6)

• 18 years old
Mian Mohammed Salim Al Hinai
(Deputy leader)
Khalid Sulaiman Mohammed Al Musharrafi
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