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61st IMO 2020


This is the list of currently registered participants. The final list of participants will be published along with the official results of the IMO.

Andres Buritica
(Contestant 1)

• 15 years old
Yasiru Jayasooriya
(Contestant 2)

• 17 years old
Zian Shang
(Contestant 3)

• 14 years old
William Steinberg
(Contestant 4)

• 17 years old
Hadyn Tang
(Contestant 5)

• 17 years old
Fengshuo Ye
(Contestant 6)

• 15 years old
Sampson Wong
(Deputy leader)
Angelo Di Pasquale
Adrian Agisilaou
(Observer A)
Nathan Ford
(Observer C)
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