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59th IMO 2018


This is the list of currently registered participants. The final list of participants will be published along with the official results of the IMO.

Richard Antonio González Rugama
(Contestant 1)

• 17 years old
• Participation at IMO: 2017 (HM)
Marcos Ulises Sánchez
(Contestant 2)

• 17 years old
Néstor Daniel González Trujillo
(Contestant 3)

• 17 years old
Josué Francisco Hernández Vega
(Contestant 4)

• 20 years old
• Participation at IMO: 2015 (HM), 2016
Javier Ignacio López Castillo
(Contestant 5)

• 18 years old
Ricardo Largaespada
Ricardo Largaespada
(Deputy leader)
Oscar Quintanilla
Oscar Quintanilla
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