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United States of America

United States of America

31st IMO 1990

USA at IMO 1990 Timothy KokeshRoyce PengKiran KedlayaAvinoam FreedmanJeffrey M. VanderkamJoel Rosenberg

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results233820373917174396.23%G, G, S, S, S
Timothy Kokesh1312411220134.85%
Royce Peng177774332492.51%Silver medal
Kiran Kedlaya77477739997.39%Gold medal
Avinoam Freedman773771322990.88%Silver medal
Jeffrey M. Vanderkam774773352093.81%Gold medal
Joel Rosenberg071771237177.20%Silver medal

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