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United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

60th IMO 2019

UAE at IMO 2019 Meera Mohammed Obaid Bin Hadeeba AlnuaimiHour Saif Mohamed Saif AlmazroueiMaha Sultan Eid Saeed AlketbiGhadeir Mohamed Ali Mohamed AlzeyoudiMitha Jamal Ali Al-SaadiyaSara Hasan Ahmed Abdulla Zaid

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results00000001101.80%
Meera Mohammed Obaid Bin Hadeeba Alnuaimi00000005737.74%
Hour Saif Mohamed Saif Almazrouei00000005737.74%
Maha Sultan Eid Saeed Alketbi00000005737.74%
Ghadeir Mohamed Ali Mohamed Alzeyoudi00000005737.74%
Mitha Jamal Ali Al-Saadiya00000005737.74%
Sara Hasan Ahmed Abdulla Zaid00000005737.74%
Leader: Rachad Zaki
Deputy leader: Badriya Alshehhi

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