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Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Democratic People's Republic of Korea

56th IMO 2015

PRK at IMO 2015 Il Myong RiJong Yol RiSongyong ChoeSong Hyok KangMyonghyok RiKum Song Jon

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results42251742228156497.09%G, G, G, S, S, S
Il Myong Ri770770282695.66%Gold medal
Jong Yol Ri751721235890.10%Silver medal
Songyong Choe721715235890.10%Silver medal
Song Hyok Kang771710235890.10%Silver medal
Myonghyok Ri737770311098.44%Gold medal
Kum Song Jon717742282695.66%Gold medal
Leader: Yong Chol Ham
Deputy leader: Ryong Gol Yom

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