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60th IMO 2019

POR at IMO 2019 Pedro Costa DiasJoão Tiago Fernandes RochaRui Zhu WangDavid NassauerKevin Luiz Ponte PucciTiago Oliveira Marques

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results3210028230935452.25%S, B, HM, HM, HM, HM
Pedro Costa Dias 7100301138637.90%Honourable mention
João Tiago Fernandes Rocha 110070941732.90%Honourable mention
Rui Zhu Wang 7007201630351.29%Honourable mention
David Nassauer 7107201727555.81%Bronze medal
Kevin Luiz Ponte Pucci 7607702710183.87%Silver medal
Tiago Oliveira Marques 3107201336141.94%Honourable mention
Leader: Joana Teles
Deputy leader: Rodrigo Farinha Matias

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