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61st IMO 2020

IRQ at IMO 2020 Mohammed Ali Othman OthmanNaime Beyza GokceZafer Burak BulutMustafa Hassan Khaleel Al-ObaidiIbraheem Fadhil Adeeb Al-AniAbdullah Muqdad Mawlood Al-Ani

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results82050015977.69%HM
Mohammed Ali Othman Othman700000744527.80%Honourable mention
Naime Beyza Gokce00000005609.11%
Zafer Burak Bulut00000005609.11%
Mustafa Hassan Khaleel Al-Obaidi100000153213.66%
Ibraheem Fadhil Adeeb Al-Ani020000252115.45%
Abdullah Muqdad Mawlood Al-Ani000500549819.19%
Leader: Cuneyt Kilic
Deputy leader: Furkan Mert Cetin

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