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32nd IMO 1991

CUB at IMO 1991 Rely Pellicer BidotMirta Castro SmirnovaAlcides Morales GuedesAriel Almendral VazquezAlien Herrera TorresMijail Borges Quintana

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results282331250803440.00%B, B, HM, HM
Rely Pellicer Bidot110010327912.30%
Mirta Castro Smirnova250020922629.02%
Alcides Morales Guedes7300101121034.07%Honourable mention
Ariel Almendral Vazquez4001701220236.59%Honourable mention
Alien Herrera Torres7700702113358.36%Bronze medal
Mijail Borges Quintana7730702410866.25%Bronze medal
Leader: Alexis Duran Jorrin
Deputy leader: Maria E. Santibanez Pinera

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