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3rd IMO 1961

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Points distribution - IMO 1961

Contestant [][→]CountryP1P2P3P4P5P6Total#RankAward
Bollobás, Béla Hungary677677401Gold medal
Atanasov, Atanas Bulgaria5766402815Honourable mention
Proikova, Rumiana Bulgaria4016301436
Koev, Kamen Bulgaria4542001534
Maleev, Rumen Bulgaria5202501436
Popova, Milka Bulgaria000200248
Bulev, Todor Bulgaria000004447
Budakov, Nikolai Bulgaria3050411340
Stoianova, Atanaska Bulgaria2700451831
*Poland2324Honourable mention
*Poland2324Honourable mention
*Poland2422Honourable mention
*Poland2029Honourable mention
*Romania2815Honourable mention
*Romania2717Honourable mention
*Romania2619Honourable mention
*Romania2619Honourable mention
Kuczma, Marcin Poland2912Honourable mention
Osiewicz, Marian Poland2912Honourable mention
Skwarczyński, Maciej Poland392Gold medal
Zamifrescu, Tudor Romania3011Bronze medal
Năstăsescu, Constantin Romania345Silver medal
Kóta, József Hungary373Gold medal
Góth, László Hungary2912Honourable mention
Kéry, Gerzson Hungary364Silver medal
Gálfi, László Hungary338Bronze medal
Fritz, József Hungary2717Honourable mention
Juhász, István Hungary345Silver medal
Simonovits, Miklós Hungary345Silver medal
Jech, Tomáš Czechoslovakia338Bronze medal
Naß, Gerd German Democratic Republic2029Honourable mention
Wenzel, Heike German Democratic Republic2324Honourable mention
Görnitz, Thomas German Democratic Republic3110Bronze medal
Schleifstein, Mary German Democratic Republic2227Honourable mention
?Czechoslovakia2128Honourable mention
?Czechoslovakia2422Honourable mention
?Czechoslovakia2521Honourable mention
*German Democratic Republic1436
*German Democratic Republic1146
*German Democratic Republic1340
*German Democratic Republic1243
* Names and scores are known but cannot be matched.

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