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United Kingdom

United Kingdom

34th IMO 1993

UNK at IMO 1993 Tom FisherLuke PebodyCatriona Frances MacleanChuan Tze TeoAlexander PaseauAlistair Flutter

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results245261535131181481.94%S, S, S, B, B, B
Tom Fisher117577283990.78%Silver medal
Luke Pebody146475274489.56%Silver medal
Catriona Frances Maclean707060209178.16%Silver medal
Chuan Tze Teo1043211118854.61%Bronze medal
Alexander Paseau7012701712270.63%Bronze medal
Alistair Flutter7011601514365.53%Bronze medal
Leader: Adam Clark McBride
Deputy leader: Christopher John Bradley

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