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Costa Rica

Costa Rica

60th IMO 2019

CRI at IMO 2019 José Javier Álvarez PachecoCarlos Andres Solano SaltachinLuis Diego Mata BoschiniEduardo Salas JiménezFloria Fang ZhangCarolina Zamora Nasralah

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results2200660348326.13%HM, HM
José Javier Álvarez Pacheco 7001201040235.32%Honourable mention
Carlos Andres Solano Saltachin 7004201336141.94%Honourable mention
Luis Diego Mata Boschini 600110844428.55%
Eduardo Salas Jiménez 100010252315.81%
Floria Fang Zhang 100000154013.06%
Carolina Zamora Nasralah 00000005737.74%
Leader: Jeremías Ramírez Jiménez
Deputy leader: German José Mora Sáenz

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