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62nd IMO 2021

BGD at IMO 2021 Tahjib Hossain KhanNujhat Ahmed DishaMd. Fuad Al  AlamAdnan SadikMd. Maruf Hasan  RubabTahmid Hameem Chowdhury

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results24034100684360.38%B, B, B, HM, HM
Tahjib Hossain Khan000700737239.97%Honourable mention
Nujhat Ahmed Disha2017001031948.54%Honourable mention
Md. Fuad Al Alam4006001031948.54%
Adnan Sadik5017001326856.80%Bronze medal
Md. Maruf Hasan Rubab6017001421864.89%Bronze medal
Tahmid Hameem Chowdhury7007001421864.89%Bronze medal
Leader: Mahbubul Alam Majumdar
Deputy leader: Turzo Sazid Akhter

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