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63rd IMO 2022

ARM at IMO 2022 Ruben HambardzumyanVahagn HovhannisyanVahram AsatryanHayk KarapetyanAreg MkrtchyanArayi Khalatyan

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results42424423121632675.73%S, S, B, B, B, B
Ruben Hambardzumyan 771771308485.88%Silver medal
Vahagn Hovhannisyan 7727602911281.12%Silver medal
Vahram Asatryan 7707602718768.37%Bronze medal
Hayk Karapetyan 7717412718768.37%Bronze medal
Areg Mkrtchyan 7707502621463.78%Bronze medal
Arayi Khalatyan 7707302424758.16%Bronze medal
Leader: Smbat Gogyan
Deputy leader: Gurgen Asatryan

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