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Persistence of contestants - MRT Mohamed Salem Abdellahi (2009)Mouadh Ahmed Bah (2009)Sidi Mohamed Ahmed Salem (2009)Cheikh Tidjani Ahmed Vall (2009)Saadna Mohamed Vadel (2009)Ahmed Salem Sid'Ahmed (2009)

YearContestant [][←]P1P2P3P4P5P6P7TotalRankAward
2009Mohamed Salem Abdellahi 110000248214.72%
2009Cheikh Tidjani Ahmed Vall 110000248214.72%
2009Saadna Mohamed Vadel 010100248214.72%
2009Mouadh Ahmed Bah 00100015119.57%
2009Sidi Mohamed Ahmed Salem 00100015119.57%
2009Ahmed Salem Sid'Ahmed 00000005473.19%
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