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Commonwealth of Independent States

Commonwealth of Independent States

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Persistence of contestants - CIS Dmitri A. Arinkin (1992)Ivan V. Izmestiev (1992)Andrey N. Malutin (1992)Vladimir V. Nekrachevich (1992)Aleksey Y. Nogin (1992)Arshak G. Petrosian (1992)

YearContestant [][←]P1P2P3P4P5P6P7TotalRankAward
1992Dmitri A. Arinkin777777421100.00%Gold medal
1992Ivan V. Izmestiev747606303290.34%Silver medal
1992Andrey N. Malutin637277322293.46%Gold medal
1992Vladimir V. Nekrachevich777503293988.16%Silver medal
1992Aleksey Y. Nogin777604312791.90%Silver medal
1992Arshak G. Petrosian7200121217047.35%Honourable mention
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